The mission of the M.S. 839 community is to develop young people who can think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate with a spirit of curiosity and discovery. The core program at M.S. 839 prepares students academically through a rigorous interdisciplinary project based instructional model and supports students socially and emotionally through a comprehensive small group advisory program. We believe that all children benefit from broad exposure to the arts, music, world languages, and technology; so student learning will be infused with these in-depth electives. M.S. 839 thrives from the unique diversity of our community, and we believe that by working together with our families to make thoughtful decisions we can provide an educational experience that readies our students for high school, the real world, and post-secondary education.

Vision & Core Values

The key structures at M.S. 839 that will enable high levels of academic achievement include an interdisciplinary curriculum grounded in the philosophy of inquiry, strong teacher led teams, and meaningful student work presentations. All students will complete a curriculum focused on developing the whole child, including many choices of arts, music, and foreign language electives. Each course will be taught through an inquiry-based philosophy; students should not be lectured to, rather they should be given opportunities to explore and make meaning of complex material. Students will be assessed through presentations of student work that include portfolios, exhibitions, and authentic action that display the depth and quality of their work at the culmination of each term. M.S. 839 will track student mastery of set of school wide performance outcomes that include critical thinking, collaboration, and communication as well as key content standards.

Teacher teams will work together to improve student achievement on school wide performance outcomes and content standards through weekly meetings and embedded professional development focused on intervisitation, curriculum development, and lesson study. Students will be supported through an advisory program that blends social and emotional support with academic advisement. Partners, including parents, community organizations, and cultural groups will be crucial to the success of M.S. 839. Parents at M.S. 839 will be engaged through constant communication, frequent parent teacher conferences, community walks, and an empowered SLT and PTA.

The following core values are at the center of our mission for all members of the school community, including students, families, and the entire staff.

Relationships: The highest priority is placed on all students knowing and being known by the entire school community.

Collaboration: Working together will help all members of the community, including families and partner organizations, achieve their potential.

Meaningful Work: Every course of study will culminate in meaningful work and experiences of exceptional quality and value designed to be shared with the entire school community.

Voice and Choice: Students and families will have voice and choice to help craft their school experience.

Creativity: Students, teachers, and families will have the opportunity to explore their sense of expression and to create and be creative.