Welcome to the High School Readiness Committee’s HS Admissions Process Help Page

We are a group of volunteer parents who have some experience or just interest in the high school admissions process. Our goal is to help support our MS 839 community through the complex process of applying to high school.

This process starts in 7th grade, because it is the students’ 7th grade year grades, test scores, and attendance that high schools look at to determine admissions in the fall of 8th grade.

It is our hope that if we band together and share as much information as we can, then we can work through the process as a team with one goal — to find the right schools for our kids and help support the decision-making process for families.

Browse the High School Admissions Resources created by our school committee. It contains lists of popular schools, arts program and audition prep resrouces, tutors, and general advice on types of schools.

TIMELY Preparation Guide

InsideSchools.org’s High School Admissions Action Plan is very useful for getting an overview of the process. Sign up for the InsideSchools newsletter while you’re on their site!

Link to HS Checklist — This HS timeline is reviewed with students and their crew leaders. It has a detailed list of important deadlines and tasks to help keep your application on track.

*Check this CALENDAR FREQUENTLY for tours, fairs, and other important dates.*            *Check your email and the weekly newsletter for announcements regarding sign-ups and tours.*

The 2018 NYC High School Directory is ONLINE HERE.

Arts Program Audition Guides

General Resources

High School Application Timeline: Click HERE

7th Grade High School Preparedness Crew Lessons can be found here: Crew Lessons

7th Grade DOE Presentation

6th Grade Family Presentation 

Here’s an article about high school preparedness for middle school parents. And another useful article from InsideSchools:  Best Bets for the “B” Student

Here are the Fall 2017 Sept. 12 8th grade meeting notes.

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